15 Series Rings – Tool: CRT23LN, 3/4″ 15 Gauge Rings

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DescriptionPart #
Stanley Pneumatic ToolCRT23LN
Bright Basic Sharp Point15100
Bright Basic Blunt Point15100B
Galvanized Sharp Point15G100
Galvanized Blunt Point15G100B
Stainless Steel Sharp Point15SS100
Stainless Steel Blunt Point15SS100B

PDF Download: Tool Schematics – CRT23LN


Automotive Seating, animal cages, bag closure, concrete homes, furniture industry, silt fencing, and oil absorption socks.

Wire Size15 GA
Ring Size3/4"
Great Lakes Fastening
ClosureRing PartRing DesBCSSBPS
SC7, SC7E, SC77XE, SC4LWH15100B-GLF3/4 15G BB CRING BT10000100100
5/16"-27/64",7.9-10.7mm15100P-GLF3/4 15G BB CRING10000100100
SC7C; 3/16"-11/32", 4.8-8.7mm15G100B-GLF3/4 15G GL CRING BT10000100100
15G100P-GLF3/4 15G GL CRING10000100100
15SS100-GLF3/4 15G SS CRING10000100100
15SS100B-GLF3/4 15G SS CRING BT10000100100
ClosureRing PartRing DesRPPPPCCPS
SC7, SC7E, SC77XE, SC4LWHRING15100B3/4 15G BB CRING BT100001100
5/16"-27/64",7.9-10.7mmRING15100P3/4 15G BB CRING100001100
SC7C; 3/16"-11/32", 4.8-8.7mmRING15G100B3/4 15G GL CRING BT100001100
RING15G100P3/4 15G GL CRING100001100
RING15SS100B3/4 15G SS CRING BT100001100