515 Series Rings – Tool: Weematic Tool, 9/16″ D-Ring 15 Gauge

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DescriptionPart #
Weematic Manual ToolWeematic Tool
Galvanized Sharp Point515DG50
Galvanized Blunt Point515DG50B
Stainless Steel Sharp Point515DSS50
Stainless Steel Blunt Point515DSS50B

Bag closures, concrete reinforcement wire, control cables, fencing, gavion baskets, large animal cages, oil absorptions socks, reno mattresses, ropes to mesh and swing sets.

Wire Size16 GA
Ring Size9/16"
Great Lakes Fastening
ClosureRing PartRing DesBCSSBPS
3/16" - 4.mm515DG50-GLF9/16 15GA GL DRING250050750
515DG50B-GLF9/16 15GA GL DRING BT250050750
515DSS50-GLF9/16 15GA SS DRING250050750
515DSS50B-GLF9/16 15GA SS DRING BT250050750
ClosureRing PartRing DesRPPPPCCPS
3/16" - 4.mmRINGR15G509/16 15GA GL DRING25001060
RINGR15G50B9/16 15GA GL DRING BT25001060
RINGR15SS509/16 15GA SS DRING25001060
RINGR15SS50B9/16 15GA SS DRING BT25001060