516 Series Rings – Tools: SC760 / SC761 / GLF460, 1/2″ 16 Gauge Rings

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DescriptionPart #
GLF Pneumatic ToolGLF460
Stanley Pneumatic Tool
(Tight Closure: 1/8'')
Stanley Manual Tool
(Regular Closure: 3/16")

Rings for this Tool

Galvanized Sharp Point 516G100
Galvanized Blunt Point 516G100B
Galfan Sharp Point 516GF100
Aluminum Blunt Point 516AL100B
Stainless Steel Sharp Point 516SS100
Stainless Steel Blunt Point 516SS100B

PDF Downloads: 

Schematics – SC760/SC761

Schematics – GLF460


Animal Cages, bag closures, bird control netting, cargo netting, concrete homes, insulation blankets, and oil absorption socks.